volume 55. 1999. no. 3.
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Sole massage, Investment funds and Bánk bán
NAGY Attila - MOLNÁR Márta

It was decided already in 1994 at the meeting of the Readers' Service section of the library Association that questions addressed to the readers' service would be gathered for a week in 14 large libraries every second year in order to be able to follow changes in the questions of readers. The sampie included the National Széchényi Library and the Metropolitan Szabó Ervin Library beside public libraries. Among ether things the number of questions, the thematic division of questions, the occupation of those asking the questions, etc. was surveyed. It was a new feature of the surface that not only readers but also librarians were asked what sort of changes they feel in the habits of library use. The use of smaller, village libraries is constantly decreasing, while that of rich collections is increasing all the time. 75% of the questions come from students and teachers. As compared to data of 1996 the use of computerised databases has increased dramatically. Young readers like to use databases on their own, and even want to use them so much that they do not accept the use of traditional sources even though these would be better or would be good supplements to databases. CD-ROMs have also become very popular. Meanwhile a group of users requiring the aid of librarians in the use of computers has also emerged. There are more impatient, sometimes aggressive readers who drop in the library only to pick up some photocopies. libraries are not able to cope with alt the requirements generated by education due to the lack of resources. The range of reference questions include information on legal regulations, investment funds, and stock exchange data. The number of questions through the phone is also high, and so is that of interlibrary requests. Pure entertaining literature remains to be popular, while interest in quality literature, especially contemporary literature is decreasing. Readers' service is undergoing changes In which librarians are expected to serve the users with increased empathy and a professional knowledge kept up-to-date.

National Széchényi Library
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