41. évfolyam, 1995. 2. szám



New lending area in the Library of the Budapest Technical University


The new lending area of the Library and Information Centre of the Budapest Technical University has been used for a year. The new circulation area was designed and built as a part of the reconstruction of the building. It meets the ergonomic and functional requirements of computerised circulation with a traditional architectural background. The former lending area also used to be in the lobby, however, it hindered the movement of users, and readers were exposed to long, uncomfortable periods of waiting. The new solution serves as an example for other libraries, too: designers followed the requirements of the protection of the old building, still, they kept the comfort of readers and librarians, the requirements of librarianship and storage in mid as well. The submission of requests is separated from other functions of circulation. A round (convex and concave) lending area could be brought about that does not disturb internal routes, and meets new technical requirements better. (pp. 251-254)

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