38. évfolyam, 1992. 2. szám



The libraries of ecclesiastic schools: past, present, future.


The author sent questionnaires - with the support of the National Széchényi Library Centre for Library and Information Science - inquiring about the present state of the libraries of ecclesiastic schools, to 120 libraries figuring in the list of ecclesiastic libraries. The questions related to the past of the collection (before and after secularization), the present facilities, the technical equipment, the activities of collection organization, the librarian, his/her educational attainment, the working hours. The response rate was cca. 35 %. The responses indicated that many libraries build up the collection from scratch (to just one library was a part of its former collection returned). In the bigger libraries information technology is already present, in the form of computers, copying and fax machines, but all these three appear in just one or two places. Technical services, catalogue building are goingon - at a certain level - everywhere. Most libraries are staffed by an independent librarian; half of whom are professional librarians. If there is no independent librarian, a teacher or a pupil undertakes the operation of the library. Most libraries have got an independent room, even if not apt for library purposes. Because of the scarce resources there is no planned acquisitions, conservation and processing. The Department of Coordination of the Centre for Library and Information Science will contact ecclesiastical libraries, and is ready to assist them. (pp. 238-244)

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