38. évfolyam, 1992. 2. szám



Unrealized plans, or the years as enterprise.


In 1987 instead of the information centre of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry (Agroinform), which had been a result-oriented institution, the Agricultural Information Enterprise, under state control, was established. The former organizational units were transformed as well. The enterprise operated the library as a separate organizational unit. Its tasks were kept: to work as a national and network centre, in the field of coordination. The reorganization has not brought about the expected result, and the enterprise went bankrupt by 1992. When the library operated as an enterprise from 1987 to 1992, at the start there was considerable development (new wing of the building in 1989 etc.), but later on the library's operation has declined (the automation slowed down, staff problems and budget problems arose). As achievements can be considered: a reading room of special collections was set up, the international exchange of publications could be kept at its previous level. Most of the basic publications could be issued. After the bankruptcy the library left the enterprise and operates now as the Agricultural Special Library of the Agricultural Museum. What has happened in the year since the separation will be described in a future article. (pp. 211-215)

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