38. évfolyam, 1992. 2. szám



The information infrastructure of higher education in Hungary: academic libraries.


The new political system necessitates new legal regulations in librarianship as well. The starting point for this should be social expectations, not how libraries had been judged so far. The new approach should involve new principles of financing too. It is especially true for academic libraries which are among the most significant libraries of the country. Their present situation is, however, not at all satisfactory, does not correspond to up-to-date requirements. It is certain that the economic situation will not make it possible to provide the necessary financial support for them and to develop them adequately. There is still reason for some hope because of international assistance, and even more because of the evolving cooperation of university libraries, and the recently published project of the ministry in charge. It is to be hoped that the local computerised networks being established in Hungarian university libraries will be able to join a national system and international systems. (pp. 215-220)

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