37. évfolyam, 1991. 4. szám



The state of the art of conservation and pres­ervation in Eastern and Western European libraries.


The essay is an abridged version of a lecture held at the conference „East and West European dialogue between national libraries” (Vienna, April 1991). Comparing the state of the art of conservation in Eastern and Western European libraries, the author found that in the Western countries the application of intensive methods is more advanced, i.e. they can preserve large quantities of materials by making investments, developments, with minor costs of preliminary work. Eastern European countries on the other hand have gone the way of the extensive, i.e. classical development of restoration. These two methods have evolved because in developed Western countries funds for investment can be more easily obtained, they can also pay the staff working in restoration well, although they seldom get a new staff post. In Eastern countries the manpower is cheap; it is, however, more difficult to get investment, development capital, and even librarians do not adequately realize the importance of conservation. (pp. 602-607)

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