37. évfolyam, 1991. 3. szám



The Institute of Austrian Culture.

KOTHANEK, Gertrude

After the political changes in Eastern Europe the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has made its cultural connections in Hungary wider. Besides the Cultural Institute in Budapest, Austrian Libraries have been established in Szeged , Szombathely and Debrecen . An agency of the Austrian Institute of Eastern-South-Eastern Europe was established for the more effective co-operation of Austrian and Hungarian researchers. The Institute of Austrian Culture has been taking part since 1990 also in training the teachers of the bilingual secondary grammar school. The Library of the Institute, with a stock of 3,800 volumes, is collecting besides non-fiction and fiction also journals and audiovisual materials. The acquisitions budget is 30,000 ATS a year. The Institute has a staff of 5, library tasks are carried out by a half-time Hungarian staff member. (pp. 412-414)

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