36. évfolyam, 1990. 5-6. szám



The workshop of the bibliography of Budapest's local history.


The Budapest Collection, established in 1913, has become to our days a workshop of national importance in the field of local bibliography. Some of its major series: Bibliographic Works at the Budapest Collection of the Metropolitan Public Library, Bibliography of the history of Budapest (about the town's history till 1950), Budapest pamphlets (about timely issues of town policy), and the catalogue of pictures entitled The history of Budapest in pictures (with data on pictures published in printed sources tilt 1980). In the same workshop are compiled the annual current volumes of the Bibliography of the history of Budapest (from 1980). The author discusses the subject and structure of the bibliographies, issues of methodology, contents, scope etc., the findings of a user survey and the desirable trends of future bibliographic activities. (pp. 550.563)

Országos Széchényi Könyvtár