36. évfolyam, 1990. 5-6. szám



The system of the current Hungarian National Bibliography. State of the art and goals.

BERKE Barnabásné

The system of the Hungarian National Bibliography has become consolidated in the 1970's. The following factors contributed to starting bibliographic series with a unified approach: standardization abroad and in Hungary, the 1977 Paris recommendations, the 3rd National Conference on Librarianship in 1970. As a result, in 1978 the database of the national bibliography of books started operation. From among the central services relying on this database for the time being only the centralised catalogue card supply for public libraries was realized. From 1978 the Hungarian National Bibliography/Bibliography of articles of periodicals is published each month. It has reduced its scope to social sciences and science in 1981. The bibliographies of other subjects were left to the special libraries having a national collection responsibility in the given subject. In 1977 the Hungarian publications abroad and the Hungarica Literature Review were published. In the 1980's, because of financial restrictions, there was a change-over to Works and investments taking up less money (standardization, further development of the software of the Hungarian National Bibliography/Books database, elaboration of the programme of Hungarica documentation). The lack of resources accounts for the exclusion of certain types of materials, for the uncompleted secondary bibliographies, for the delayed publication of indices and annual cumulative volumes. With the help of the macrocomputer system DOBIS/LIBIS being realized with the support of the Information Infrastructure Development Programme, bibliographic services will be reformed in the early 1990's. As first, the entries of the Hungarian National Bibliography/Books will be made available on magnetic tapes and floppy disks. (pp. 421-445)

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