A Hungarian "newspaper library", created by József Szinnyei


Könyvtári Figyelő (Library Review) vol. 16. (52.) 2006. no. 2. pp. 285–292.

This paper is an introduction to the republishing of "Let’s create newspaper libraries", an article by József Szinnyei first published in the Hungarian journal "Homeland" (A Hon) in 1880. The concept of public libraries started to spread widely in Hungary in the 1880s. This was the time when the first library journals were launched and the need for journal and newspaper reading rooms emerged. In 1884, a special collection devoted to journals was created within the National Museum and this is where József Szinnyei started journal and newspaper cataloguing.

"Let’s create newspaper libraries!"
Republishing of the original article published in "Homeland", 16 October 1880.

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