volume 55. 1999. no. 3.
Magyar Deutsch

Professional programme for the management of the National Széchényi Library (1999-2004)

External factors determining the programme: professional changes, new technological developments, the necessity of working in networks (national and international co-operation), cost-effective economy and operation, motivating staff, participative management. Emphatic elements of the program: 1) Development, storage, preservation and processing of the national collection; 2l Use of the national collection; 3) National functions of the library; 4) Development of the infrastructure; 5) Scientific research, and relations; 6) National and international relations; 7) Organisation, economy and management. The applicant considers the elaboration of a long-term national library policy which is consistent in its content, and incorporates modern international trends to be the most important task.

National Széchényi Library
Comments (2000/04/19)