41. évfolyam, 1995. 1. szám



Without a nest. A case study


Until 1994 the Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library has run eight double function libraries at schools of housing estates that functioned as school libraries on the one hand, and as public libraries for the communities on the other. These suburban libraries served primarily the students and could not perform their double function perfectly. Due to the budgetary constraints of the Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library, the maintenance rights of these libraries have been given to the local governments. Depending on the way of transferring the libraries, there are three groups: 1. Some schools simply accepted the decision without any objections. 2. At other schools the library remained a member of the network due to the joint efforts of the local government, the school and civil organisations, and is even offering better provision for the adult population of the community since they received financial aid from the local government. 3. One single library was simply closed down. Those involved tell their opinion and experiences in the case study. (pp. 47-57)

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