40. évfolyam, 1994. 4. szám


Network cooperation in Baranya


Baranya is a medium-size county with many small settlements of which 297 had a library. The traditional library network has been disintegrated, methodological work and supervision have become senseless since the transition until now. Small, independent settlements have ceased library provision one after the other. It has become obvious for the county library that new ways and forms of cooperation must be found. The organization of a network on voluntary basis, focusing on services was planned. The 1992 government act has also contributed to this. The Baranya county government offered the county library as a network and methodological centre for all the town and village libraries working in the county, thus those libraries will belong to the network the maintainers of which accept the offer and sign the cooperation agreement with the county library. The rest of the libraries remain independent of the network and will work so. The result is promising: 60% of libraries have joined the network. Today the greatest problem is the lack of financial resources. (pp. 556-561)

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