40. évfolyam, 1994. 4. szám


Library and/or electronic library


The electronic environment of Hungarian libraries has become a determinant during the past years. The automation of the processes in the libraries has set up new demands and has required new types of co-operation. Satisfying of the cataloguing needs of libraries has become especially important. Hungarian libraries can choose from among three options: shared cataloguing with a union catalogue of bibliographic records, maintained by the participating libraries; shared cataloguing with the help of an external company or institute; building a virtual catalogue. There are two other areas to be mentioned in connection with the problems of cataloguing: a traditional and a new one. On the one hand, using the new tools of library automation and networking, we have to examine the possibilities of co-operation in the interlibrary loan: on the other hand Hungarian libraries must follow European libraries as much as they can in digitalizing, delivering and disseminating materials. The electronic library is already a fact of the present and at the same time it shows the way towards the libraries of the future. The virtual library of the future needs something more than simple technology: more strict co-operation in elaborating standards, protocols and proposals. As a consequence Hungarian libraries would need a board of their own (a so-called Committee for Hungarian Library Networking) that could play a leading role in this field. (pp. 522-535)

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