38. évfolyam, 1992. 4. szám



Full-text database management and the BRS/Search software.


The author first summarizes the general features of full-text databases and their applications. Having clarified the basic principles and terminology he describes the BRS/Search full-text database management software which is novel in Hungary. The system is a product of the British-American firm BRS Software Products. It has been distributed since 1991 by the Computer Applications Research Institute of the  Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA SZTAKI). The software was written in the C language, it is therefore accessible with any operating system. It accepts any word processing programme, responds quickly, offers effective storage, flexible search, a wide range of online access opportunities. By the hyper-link function it is able to link documents. It contains an ANSI thesaurus as well. Its specific features are: linking of databases, simple export-import, a variety of displays. BRS/Search has got a simplified user interface for beginners and a more sophisticated graphic interface for more advanced users. (pp. 654-659)

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