38. évfolyam, 1992. 4. szám



"Subjective" remarks about computerisation  in Hungarian libraries.


Reviewing the trends in recent years in the field of computerisation in Hungarian libraries the essay determines periods as well („8-bit”, „16-bit XT”, „16-bit AT”) and states that we are progressing toward the „32-bit” era. The author characterizes in short these periods by the computers used, by the operational systems and by the software. He defines the concept of the „integrated library system” and discusses one possible classification of these systems into horizontally integrated systems (e.g. OSZKÁR), vertically integrated systems (e.g. TEXTAR, TINLIB etc.), fully integrated systems (e.g. DOBIS/LIBIS). He describes the types of library database management systems, their development trends and common characteristics. He concludes that the features enumerated make it possible as a whole that large files be created on personal computers too with high-level search and display capabilities. The author sets out in more detail the deficiencies of Boolean search systems and recommends the application of search techniques on which the TINLIB system is based. (pp. 636-644)

Országos Széchényi Könyvtár