38. évfolyam, 1992. 1. szám



Subject authority control in an online catalogue for periodical articles and in the subject indexes of the printed versions.

TAR Katalin — NOVÁK István

After a brief introduction to the basic problems of subject searching in online catalogues the authors present their solution to subject authority control in the Library Science Library's online catalogue MANCI. The authority control of terms is based on a machine-readable database created from the Library's printed thesaurus using the Micro-ISIS package, as well as a simple thesaurus software written in the ISIS-PASCAL language. Relying on the relations of the descriptors in the thesaurus database a reference-selecting program has also been written, by which the see and see also references are automatically selected from the thesaurus records and inserted into the subject index files, produced periodically from the MANCI database. (pp. 59-65)

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