38. évfolyam, 1992. 1. szám



"The stem and the branches." Knowledge organization and syntax. A review of Tibor Horváth's thesis for candidate's degree.


The reviewer explains the thesis citing the most significant chapters, thus making a wider circle of librarians (especially those in education) acquainted with this yet unpublished work. It is the essay's aim to prove that the index entry — besides providing criteria for subject access — is able, by the syntax, to synthesize indexing terms into a higher-level unit, which means at the same time a concise reproduction of the original publication's message. Prior to describing the importance of syntax, Horváth defines the main tasks of classification, the pyramid of knowledge serving the systematization of disciplines, the role of new structures (cybernetics, communication theory, semiotics) in modelling knowledge, the facet systems, and the role of quantation, of heuristic information and of classification without a precedent. (pp. 50-58)

Országos Széchényi Könyvtár