37. évfolyam, 1991. 4. szám



Computer technique in Hungarian academic libraries. A conference. ( Miskolc , 27-28 August, 1991)

The Miskolc University Library organized a two-day conference for university libraries and large libraries with national responsibilities in order to discuss their developments in the field of computer technique. The participants stated that up-to-date information technology is indispensable for controlling, cataloguing and classifying and making available Hungarian and international materials. In this field Hungary has a considerable backlog. The deficiencies in the establishment of computerised bibliographic information systems and in joining international systems should be eliminated by the end of the century. The measures to be taken to this end should be elaborated in 1991, and later the information system on special literature based on large Hungarian research libraries be established. For this purpose a national database should be set up, the Information Infrastructure Development Programme should be developed, the internal electronic network of large libraries should be created, and international networks be joined. (pp. 619-622)

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