37. évfolyam, 1991. 3. szám



Introducing the British Council Library, Budapest.


The British Council Library in Hungary is part of a worldwide network of 116 British Council libraries. The composition of its holdings is more or less equal to that of an English public library. As a result of the structural changes in the Hungarian society and economy, greater stress is laid on certain fields in its holdings (such as administration, law, tax affairs etc.). Most of the stock is selected from the acquisitions aid „Advance Book List”, the annual acquisition budget is cca. 25,000 GBP. The British Council provides considerable help for teachers and students of English, and carries out proficiency examinations as well. The Library is at present located in the building of the British Embassy, is open 5.5 hours a day. It is confined for space and the staff number is not sufficient either. Computerisation of the library work processes still remains to be accomplished. The British Council is planning to move into a new building in the near future. (pp. 402-406)

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