37. évfolyam, 1991. 2. szám



The development of the education of information specialists and librarians


It is included in the goals of the TEMPUS programme of the European Communities (announced in 1989) that higher education in the Central- and Eastern-European region - especially in Poland and Hungary - should be supported with professional and financial resources. The Department of Library Science of the Budapest Loránd Eötvös University compiled a draft application for the support of TEMPUS with the help of Peter Blumendorf and Andreas Nowak (both senior members of the Hannover Fachhochschule ). The main elements of the joint research to be undertaken are the following: the modernization of education, the development of subjects, and the elaboration of common curricula. The project was later joined by the Rijkshogeschool IJselland (the Netherlands ). This school will share its experience in teaching business information with the other participants. An exchange enables some Hungarian and Dutch students to participate in a three-month practice at the other country's library school. Another essential element of the programme is, that the Budapest Department will receive from the Hannover Fachhochschule its DEC PDP 11/44 computers, in order to develop its infrastructure. (pp. 206-209)

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