36. évfolyam, 1990. 5-6. szám



State of the art of special bibliography.

SZABÓ Sándor

The recommendations of the 1st National Conference on Bibliography (1961, Gödöllo) have not been adequately taken into consideration by the profession. Consequently, besides major accomplishments, special bibliography in Hungary has got the same faults as before, namely: there ere some uncovered subjects, e.g. mathematics, chemistry; at the same time there are parallelisms, e.g. in the case of home trade and economics. Controversial issues include the lack of bibliographic workshops and the unequal standard of bibliographic activities. The current bibliographies are prepared during a too long period, retrospective bibliographies, on the other hand, are overdimensioned. To succeed in realizing the principle of single processing-multiple use, a close cooperation is necessary between the Hungarian National Bibliography and the special bibliographic ventures. Urgent tasks include the development of a national database of periodicals articles and the compilation of secondary bibliographies. (pp. 493-502)

Országos Széchényi Könyvtár