36. évfolyam, 1990. 5-6. szám



The tasks of referral services.


As an extension to the range of library services, referral services lead the reader, who is in need of data, information or materials, to the adequate professional, a scientific institute, the library holding the document in question, or the source of bibliographic information. The tools of referral are the following: lists, records, catalogues, publications, computerised information products. The institutions of referral are the following: on the local level - alt libraries in possession of the major publications used for referral purposes; in the special fields - special libraries with national collection responsibility, coordination centres; on the regional level - the five central regional libraries; on the national level - the National Széchényi Library which is able to undertake national coordination owing to its collections, special records and services, computer-based information services. To raise referral services to their proper rank, to build out their national system, tasks are waiting to be solved in the following fields: organization, methodology, education, development of tools and publishing. (pp. 480-487)

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