36. évfolyam, 1990. 1-2. szám



Legal information services in the Parliament Library

NAGY Csaba

The Library of the Hungarian Parliament (Budapest) is a scientific research library of administrative and legal sciences, contemporary history and politics open to the public. It is also a depository library of the United Nations. It has a valuable collection of foreign parliamentary materials too. In the last decade computer assisted legal databases were built up, containing more than 21,000 foreign and 15,000 Hungarian titles at the end of 1989. The library published the volumes of 1980-1981 and 1982-1983 of the “Bibliographica Juridica Hungarica”. (The further volumes are in preparation.) In 1980 the library started to publish the semi-annual volumes of the “Bibliography of the Hungarian Legal Literature”. Further, it prepares the bibliography for the “Acta Juridica” and supplies the Hungarian material for the “International Bibliography of the Social Sciences. Political Science”. The legal databases of the library are mainly used by the lecturers and students of the universities, the staff of the research institutes and government agencies. The general public has also access to the legal databases. (pp. 91-93)

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