51. évfolyam, 2005. 3. szám


The Central Library of the Corvinus University of Budapest

NAGY Zsuzsanna

Könyvtári Figyelő (Library Review) vol. 15. (51.) 2005. no. 3. pp. 527 – 532.

The study presents the special features of the library that have been determined by the circumstances of its foundation. The library offers a significant representation of the outstanding Hungarian economic and social sciences books and journals from their early period. Selected foreign publications give an outline of the international professional literature of the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th centuries. Today's collection reflects the impact of various collection management principles of earlier times. The second part of the study presents the objectives laid out in the mission statement of the library and the new services for various user groups, resulting from the hybrid and electronic library environment.

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