46. évfolyam, 2000. 3. szám

User education: the plans of László Módis. Contributions to the historiography of the issue


The NAT (Basic National Curriculum) adapted in 1995 prescribes the teaching of library and computer use until the age of 16. The significance of user education and the possibilities of its incorporation in the curriculum have already been included in a plan elaborated by László Módis, librarian of the Debrecen University Library in 1958. The essence of his proposal was that all the members of the society have to be trained in the use of books and libraries systematically and institutionally. This task was to be carried out by teachers in the training institutions. This “library training” is not the same as the training of librarians, since librarians require further special and technical knowledge. It is a debatable element of his conception that librarians were not involved in the general training, instead it user education was based on teacher voluntaries. He compiled detailed curricula for all the three levels of training (elementary, secondary, higher education). On all the three levels one lesson per week was suggested combined with practices in libraries. The study contains a condensed version of the curriculum of each training level. The plan has never been realised due to the lack of proper school libraries, and receptivity, still it offers useful ideas worth for consideration even today.

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Észrevételek (2001/04/19)