41. évfolyam, 1995. 1. szám



The 45-year-old Special Library for Library Science on new paths

RÁCZ Ágnes

The Special Library for Library Science of the National Széchenyi Library, Centre for Library Science and Methodology, a national special library and documentation centre, was 45 years old in 1994. Already at the time of its founding documentation in library science belonged to its main goals, the tools of which (bibliographies, abstracting journals, bibliographic databases) have undergone great changes since the beginning. Today there are three branches of bibliographic information: a database, an abstracting journal and an accession list of pertinent foreign literature, a database and a current national bibliography of domestic literature, and a database and a selective bibliography of foreign literature related to Hungary. This extensive documentation is based on the rich collection of the special library that consists not only of books and periodicals, but also of various non-book or non-print materials organised into special collections. The library is an Eastern-European clearing house of IFLA. Computerisation aids processing: the library has been using the computer for various purposes since 1986, and is just about to install an integrated library system. Besides processing and information services, factual data banks are also being developed. The major Hungarian journal in the field of librarianship, Könyvtári Figyelő, is also edited here. The library is open for students of library and information science as well as practising librarians, researchers and lecturers. (pp. 23-35)

Országos Széchényi Könyvtár