41. évfolyam, 1995. 1. szám



County library couriers in MAKSZAB, “A magyar könyvtári szakirodalom bibliográfiája" (Bibliography of Hungarian library literature)


Besides national library journals, couriers, newsletters of county libraries are also issued in Hungary which constitute an important part of the database of the current bibliography, MAKSZAB. Couriers appear 2-3 times annually edited by county libraries. Professional journals, newsletters including studies are periodicals issued beside or instead of the former ones, and are significant mainly due to the novelty of their news. A number of county couriers have ceased for the past few years without any successors, and the ones remaining struggle for their survival, and amalgamated issues are frequent. The article attempts to analyse the content of these journals, and to find their position in national library literature. County library couriers are supposed to describe librarianship in the county, however, there are many studies worth nationwide attention in them. The journals deal less and less with village libraries most sensitive to the negative impacts of economic and social changes; the ones that required methodological aid also through these journals the most. Libraries other than public libraries working in the county, the training of librarians, the relation between the university and the county library, etc. would also deserve more attention in the county library couriers. It is positive that almost all the news deal with the history of the libraries of the county, helping national research in the field of library history. The article provides some ideas to be tackled, and stands for the existence and necessity of these journals. (pp. 36-42)

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