40. évfolyam, 1994. 4. szám


Databases of the National Széchényi Library

BERKE Barnabásné

The study describes the state of the computerized databases of the National Széchényi Library in 1994. The database system of the National Széchényi Library, called NEKTÁR (short form for the comprehensive information system of the National Library), consists of the following parts: DOBIS/LIBIS integrated library system (modules: cataloguing, acquisition, circulation, serials, mail); Hungarian National Bibliography. Books (the HNB had been built on an external computer between 1976-1991, it was closed in 1991, and has been compiled with DOBIS/LIBIS online since 1992. Hungarian National Bibliography. Books on CD-ROM has been issued, and after having solved the conversion, the database will be loaded to DOBIS); National Periodical Database (It is also a database compiled on an external computer, containing records for foreign periodicals available in Hungarian libraries. It has been developed since 1981. Today it is produced in the computer centre of the Information Infrastructure Development Project, though it is not prepared online. It is also available on CD-ROM.); databases based on MicroISIS: Serial Database on Hungarian serials, not available from external workstations yet, the index database of the bibliography of periodical articles is not available from external computers either. The OSZK-Katal database contains records for foreign books having been acquired by the National Széchényi Library since 1987. It will also be loaded into DOBIS. Hungarica databases: HUN (Hungarica Information Database articles published abroad on Hungary) and HUNG (Hungarica Personal Names -- on prominent Hungarian personalities born after 1880). These are available only at the Hungarica documentation unit. Extra-network databases: publishers' database compiled as a byproduct of the Hungarian National Bibliography. Other databases: MANCI (database of Hungarian and foreign articles in library and information science), Könyvtári Minerva (facts on and services of the major Hungarian libraries). (pp. 512-521)

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