40. évfolyam, 1994. 3. szám


Professional policy to be followed in case of being nominated to director general of the National Széchényi Library


Géza Poprády was appointed director general of the national (Library in May 1994. The article is the programme of the new director general representing technocratic managerial views. Tasks are categorized as professional and organizational ones, technical issues and short, medium and long term objectives. So far as acquisition is concerned, he would- solve the problems of the legal deposit service by new legal regulations including the reduction of the number of copies, tax reduction, and sanctioning. With regard to the occurrence of new media (such as electronic journals, etc.) he finds the renewal of acquisition necessary for the National Széchényi Library. The coordination of acquisition would be the task of an acquisition council. The protection of the collection of the National Széchényi Library is important, and has to be carried out without limiting the provision for users. He intends to reduce problems by reproduction, the modernization of air conditioning in the stacks, and by designing new underground stores. Minor rationalizations are also planned with respect to the Hungarian National Bibliography and the bibliographic control of Hungarica materials. From among central services, the issues related to the union catalogue of books and to interlibrary tending are émphasized. The present union catalogue of books in card form will be turned into a database available on-line. Interlending would be enhanced by the computerized registration of queries, and by utilizing e-mail and telefax. In the field of computerization the installation of the acquisition and lending modules, and the involvement of special collections are the major tasks. The professional support to the cultural administration would be provided by the Centre for Library Science and Methodology after minor reorganization. He finds only some small changes necessary on the organizational level. (pp. 351-358)

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