38. évfolyam, 1992. 2. szám



PCLIB 2.0 and the KARDEX system

NAGY László — TÓTH Ferenc — TANKÓ István

The library software developed in Hungary so far offer to the user the support of certain library work processes, partial tasks, or, based on a single computer — they support library work as a whole in a complex way. The single-machinebased systems cannot be expected to increase the effectiveness of organization or services in libraries with a differentiated organization, even if the system is a complex one. The PCLIB 2.0 and KARDEX, as integrated systems operating on the Novell Network and relying on the management of central resources accordingly, support all library work processes in libraries with a larger staff and differentiated organization; they make the management of clerical registers and transactions fully automated; they generate all traditional formats and certificates, thus easily eliminating double input (traditional and computerised); they manage user needs and the library functions serving them with a uniform approach; and, as a consequence, their application results in an increase in the effectiveness of the library's cataloguing work and services. (pp. 221-242)

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