38. évfolyam, 1992. 2. szám



The online information service network of SZÜV.


If someone is interested in certain data stored on a computer, he/she must get over a series of lengthy and uncomfortable procedures in order to get the required information. At first he/she must find the relevant host, i.e. the owner of the database which includes the data he is in need of, then he/she must conclude a contract with the host, must have access to the telecommunication channel, and get acquainted with the information retrieval language of the database in question. If someone is interested in information from several databases of several hosts, he/she must do the same several times. The general and standardized retrieval system of SZÜV (Enterprise for Computerised Office Management) enables uniform online access to a great number of different databases in a much simpler way. One contract suffices for access to all databases of the host, and — using the menu — it is unnecessary even to be familiar with the retrieval language. (pp. 211-214)

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