¤  GICZI András: Introduction to this special issue


¤  JÓNA László: Public spaces and communities. The portable reading room

¤  KOVÁCS-KORENY Ágnes: The role and opportunities of libraries in the well-being of communities

¤  KERTÉSZ Zoltán: Creative users – know­ledge sharing and creative spaces in libraries

¤  ISTÓK Anna: Creating a love brand with devoted consumers

¤  CZÉKMÁNY Anna: Interactive consumers of culture. How to involve visitors in services

¤  NAGY Andor: Equal chances in access to digital content. The wiki of the Active communities project


¤  VIRÁGOS MÁRTA: The library spaces of the future


¤  From reading rooms to learning spaces. Libraries as places of informal learning

¤  Better library and learning space. Projects, trends and ideas. Ed. by Les Watson, London, Facet, cop. 2013. 278 p. (Reviewed by Szabó Piroska)