“In alliance for the reader”. A workshop of publishers and librarians at the 1st Hungarian Book Fair (Pécs, September 1992).

GYORI Erzsébet, SZENTE Ferenc, LENGYEL László
In autumn 1992 during the Cultural Days in Pécs the Schenk Publishing Ltd., the Extra Media Association and the National Széchényi Library Centre for Library and Information Science summoned publishers, booksellers and librarians to discuss the issues of publishing, bookselling and acquisitions, to “pave the way for books” in the present period of crisis, which can be characterized by the collapse of the book market and book trade. the lectures by Ferenc Szente and László Lengyel the crisis of values was often mentioned and the role and importance of libraries – as the places to preserve and disseminate values – was emphasized. (pp. 9-14.)

Acquisitions and automation.

BILLÉDI Ferencné
The author describes the teleordering service assisting the communication between booksellers, publishers and libraries, illustrated by the activities of the Baker and Taylor bookseller and library supply company. (pp. 15-21.)

The Voyager integrated library system.

The Voyager library system of Carlyle, California relies on the Ingres relational database management system. It differs from similar library software because it is able to handle audio and visual information too. The system consists of five modules (OPAC, cataloguing, circulation, acquisition and serials control), which are described by the author. The software does not include a Hungarian character set, but it is being prepared. The costs are not mentioned in the article. The system is used in Hungary at the Gusztáv Bárczy Training College of Teachers of Handicapped Children, and the Debrecen University is considering to introduce it. (pp. 22-30.)

“The libraries of the Northern Transdanubian region at the turn of the millennium”

HERMANN István, PALLÓSINÉ TOLDI Márta, SZABÓ lmréné, DÖMÖTÖR Lajosné, TÓTH Gyuláné
At the regional conference organized by the Szombathely county library the changes faced by the various types of libraries, and the expected developments in the library field at the millennium were discussed. The lectures published here are those of a county librarian, a town librarian, a college librarian and a university librarian. The library directors are aware that the trend is automation, but as they are struggling day by day with problems caused by economic difficulties and the social transformation, they prefer the humanized, bookcentred library to the one that had developed into an electronic centre. None of them questions the advantages, importance of computerisation, but they all consider the human factor to be at least as significant. (pp. 31-41.)


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